Monday, August 2, 2010

Libby in Action

Here's a group of Babes in Arms apprentices surrounding Surf and Sand Playhouse's co-owner Bunny Byron, played by Samantha Richert (middle). In this shot we are watching a fight between the two stars of The Deep North, "a play written, directed, and acted by Lee Calhoun... Mississippi's answer to Tennessee Williams." Mr. Fleming, Bunny's partner, decides to cancel the apprentices' review in favor of running Mr. Calhoun's play for a second week. At the risk of losing their jobs, the apprentices band together to save their careers and the future of the theatre.

Babes in Arms runs in the Unicorn Theatre at Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbridge, MA July 31-August 28. For ticket information, you can call the Box Office at (413) 298-5576 ext 33 or go online to


  1. I like the one in the blue jumper!

  2. Ah hem...I mean the green and white pinstripe jumper.

  3. Hannah write!!! You can do it....we're dying to hear more.